A PEEK FROM YTB’S PREVIOUS POST: Seoul Itinerary Day 4: Ewha Women’s University We left Ewha University at 01:00 PM and headed off to our next destination – Trick Eye and Ice Museums. TRICK EYE MUSEUM   Direction from Ewha to Trick Eye:     From Hongik University Station, follow the direction specified below to […]

Spicy, minty, dark, milky… all of my favorite flavors in one place. Maitre Chocolatier is definitely a haven for all chocolate-lovers like me.

Todd English Food Hall in SM Aura is definitely the best choice for big group dining. It is not only spacious inside but it has also good food and an upscale comfort at a reasonable price.

The place has a food hall concept where groups can have a shared eating experience but it is designed to serve their customers luxuriously through a sit-down set-up.

I just discovered that tonkatsu’s magic lies in the art of deep frying and preparing its most salient ingredients. There has to be a balance between the filling, the juicy meat and the golden crispy breading. A great katsu is the one that is not swabbed with fatty oil, crispy on the outside but soft and juicy on the inside.

There are so many reasons why you have to try this coffee place: the vibe is chic and laid-back, it is not crowded, their food and drinks are legit, and the lighting fixtures are very stylish and conducive for reading and writing.

The ambiance, the food, the place – no wonder Costa is the leading coffee brand in London!

“Enjoy a freshly baked pizza from the brick oven and get away from the greasy oil on your crust that will leave you bloated after eating! “

I take this year as an added blessing to go on a wonderful journey: with my family, friends, and loved ones. To dream, to inspire, to breathe, to love, and to trust in the perfect master plan of a Supreme being – these are my personal commitments to this awesome universe!

Kuppa Roastery & Cafe serves coffee of high beans quality and the place exudes a homey yet elegant feel where you can just sit back, relax, sip coffee, and have a hearty breakfast.

Our verdict: this is the place where it is a sin not to eat rice, not to devour, and not to lose count of your carbs and cholesterol intake! And oh… prepare your belly; their food are simply addictive!

I must say that when it comes to my face, it took me quite sometime before I discovered the real secret to a photo ready look everyday, all day. As a woman, I am very comfortable with the plain, clean, and laid back style. However, I came to realize that how do we take care […]

The ice are finely shaved with an absolute consistency that you could hardly feel the crystals in your mouth. On top are renditions of super sweet Philippine Mangoes and cheese cubes, nuts, and a scoop of ice cream.